Tomotherapy provides quite an articulate work-up that can be briefly divided into the following phases.

Once the Patient has asked for a consultation, he/she undergoes the first visit so that Radiation Oncologists and Nuclear Medicine Clinicians can verify that necessary requirements are met in order to include Patient in a specific Protocol.

When Patient has been recruited, he/she undergoes a PET/CT scan that is useful for  staging (to verify cancer extent), definition of treatment volumes and sparing healthy tissues during Tomotherapy. PET/CT scan  is performed with particular devices for patient positioning together with breathing control techniques, that will be reproduced during treatment. Tomotherapy treatment plan is then calculated and dosimetric controls are carried out (that is to check the accordance between the distributions of calculated dose and of the actually distributed one). During real treatment, each fraction is preceded by a MVCT scan in order to check correct position of Patient. At the end of treatment, follow-up phase begins that consists of recurrent checks to monitor disease response and any late side effects arising from Tomotherapy.