Tomotherapy is cleared by Food&Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical use in Canada and US , and in Europe with CE mark ( reg. No. HD 60009874 0001 ). It is now used at San Raffaele within clinical trials approved by Hospital Ethic Committee .

Protocols have been developed and will be developed for Metabolically Guided Tomotherapy with conventional fractionation (30-35 fractions in total), with the support of the Ministry of Health, together with protocols for Metabolically Guided Tomotherapy with hypofractionation (3-20 fractions in total) with the support of Lombardy Region. Therefore, all Patients are evaluated by a pool of Radiation Oncologists and Nuclear Medicine Clinicians and put in specific institutional protocols, if the requirements are met with.


Pathologies, currently treated, belong to the following categories:


Lung tumors

Prostatic tumors

Head & Neck tumors

Pancreas tumors

Isolated lung metastases

Isolated liver metastases


Once accepted, Patient is put in a specific protocol.



Tomotherapy protocols  at San Raffaele

( approved March, 2005 )






Head & Neck




Lung metastases


Liver metastases